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What is Airmid?

Airmid has been developed by TPP and is designed to support you, bringing you closer to clinicians and giving you control of your NHS healthcare needs. From booking your own appointments, viewing your medical record and ordering medication, the Airmid app gives you personal control over your healthcare whilst reducing the time you spend on it.

Why do I need Airmid?

Airmid is a free app which allows you to have control over a number of aspects of your healthcare, ranging from...:

  • Quickly and easily book and cancel appointments
  • Receive push notifications, surveys and information from clinicians
  • Access to your complete medical record
  • Direct messaging to/from clinicians

You can still access and receive care without using Airmid, however, you will not be able to enjoy the full benefits as detailed above.

Is it safe?

Yes, Airmid is a safe to use app which is recognised by the NHS. Accessing the Airmid app requires you to have an existing NHS login which requires rigorous ID checks, therefore reinforcing the safety and security of the Airmid app.

What do I need to do?


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Do you have an NHS login?

If you do not have an NHS login, please download the NHS app and create an account first.

You will not be able to use the online booking system via the Airmid app unless you have an NHS login.

Already have an NHS login account?

Step 1

Download the Airmid app from either the Google Play or IOS app store.

Step 2

Once downloaded, allow the app permission to ‘send notifications’. This will make sure you get the best out of the app like appointment reminders.

Step 3

On the Airmid app press 'Continue with NHS Login' button.

Step 4

When prompted, enter your email address.

Step 5

You will see a message saying "we've found your NHS login".

Step 6

When prompted, enter your password.

Step 7

For security, you will be sent a unique 6 digit passcode. When prompted, enter the passcode.

Step 8

You will be automatically logged into the Airmid app and will be able to start using it.

Once you have registered to use the Airmid app, please:

Only use the 'Continue with NHS login' option to open the app. This reduces the likelihood of problems using the app.

Do not use the 'Log in' option.

Download the Airmid app here:

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