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Patients within the Norfolk and Waveney area are able to refer themselves to MSK physiotherapy.
We have considerable experience with self-referral having offered the ability for patients to refer themselves for over 14 years*.
Our self-referral system uses SystmOne’s integrated Airmid app allowing all referrals to be fully and directly integrated in the SystmOne clinical record. Our self-referral system also works effectively with other electronic patient record platforms.
Alongside our Airmid app based platform, we also offer a telephone-based system for those who cannot engage with online/ digital options.
Self-referral leaflet link (can be sent to patients via email/ SMS/ Airmid): Refer yourself to Phsyio in 3 easy steps

What is self-referral?

The main benefit of self-referral into MSK physiotherapy is the release of clinical time back to other healthcare practitioners. By not having to complete a manual referral, our GP, nursing and hospital colleagues are able to use that clinical time for other tasks.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased patient responsibility, ownership and control of referral process.
  • Improved referral to treatment conversation rate.
  • Greater appointment attendance.
  • Reduced DNA rates.
  • Self-referral is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Who can self-refer?

Our self-referral system is for patients who require our help for musculoskeletal (MSK) related issues such as muscle and joint issues.

Anyone over 16 years old with an MSK-related complaint can refer themselves for physiotherapy.

Is there anyone who can’t self-refer?

Whilst self-referral is open to most people, it may not be suitable for:

  • Patients with low back pain with any suggested disturbance of bladder or bowel function such as incontinence, numbness of the genital region, inability to pass urine
  • Patients with hot, red, swollen joint (any joint)
  • Patients who have suffered an acute injury within the last 72 hours
  • Patients with rapid deterioration of initial symptoms
  • Patients with joint or soft tissue pain associated with feeling unwell, a fever and/or night sweats.


  • Patients under the age of 16 (please either use the SystmOne referral or this form).
  • Patients with learning and/ or pronounced communication difficulties (please either use the SystmOne referral or this form).
  • Patients requiring a home visit.
  • Patients with a non-MSK related issue e.g. pelvic health or neurological conditions.

What about patients that cannot use the online/ app-based option?

We offer self-referral via a telephone for those patients who either cannot or do not want to use our digital self-referral platform.

Can patients self-refer to other teams besides MSK physiotherapy?

No, unfortunately patients can only self-refer to the MSK physiotherapy team.

For MATs: The NHS e-Referral Service (Choose and Book) can only be used for patients who are being referred to the Musculoskeletal Assessment and Triage service (formerly known as Orthopaedic/MSK Triage) for secondary-care referral assessment. This should also use the new standardised referral form which should be completed and attached into the NHS e-Referral Service submission (previously Choose and Book) – selecting the option “Norfolk & Waveney Musculoskeletal Assessment and Triage Service (MATS)”.


For Biomechanics, you would need to complete a SystmOne referral (if available) or complete this form* and send to


*This form is in the process of being uploaded to your clinical systems and should be available soon, if not already available.

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