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Meniscal Surgery - 0-2 Weeks

The main aim of this phase is to look after the meniscal repair and gently start to regain some of the normal use of the knee.

I’ve been given crutches after my operation but what should I be doing?

You are likely to have been discharged from the hospital on crutches and told to use them for two weeks, and also told not to take too much weight on your operated leg.

To help you get to grips with using your crutches properly and how to walk without too much weight on your operated leg, please click here.

I’ve also been given a brace to wear, what should I be doing with it? 

You will need to wear the brace for six weeks after your operation. The brace will limit how far you can bend your knee to make sure you protect the meniscal repair.

You are able to take the brace off for sleeping or resting but you should wear it when you are moving around or walking.


My knee is swollen, is there anything I can do? 

It is completely normal for your knee to be swollen and it is likely to be swollen for some time (weeks). Walking and movement of the leg is very important in trying to reduce the swelling, however, you can try putting your leg up from time to time or using something cold (frozen peas) on your knee. Remember cold can burn, so wrap your peas up in a towel before putting them on your skin.


My knee feels really tight and a bit weird, is that normal?  

It is very common to have a tight or unusual feeling in the knee after a meniscal repair, this is due to a few factors including the surgery itself, the expected swelling and the healing process that will be helping your knee recover.


What exercises should I be doing to start with?

In the earliest stages of your recovery i.e. within the first two weeks, it is recommended that you simply try to gently move the knee as well as you can and as far as the brace will allow. You don’t need to have a particular programme to do this, therefore do as much or as little as you like.

After the first two weeks you will be allowed to start a specific programme of exercises for your knee.


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