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Meniscal Surgery - 2-6 Weeks

The main aim of this phase is to begin your rehabilitation and start getting your knee moving properly.

Should I still be using the crutches and brace?

Yes, you should. The elbow crutches and brace should be used for the first six weeks after your operation. They might feel like an inconvenience, especially if you’re feeling really good, but they are to make sure the meniscal repair has the ability to heal properly.

Can I do anything else now I’ve passed the first two weeks?

You certainly can! Now you can start your rehabilitation and focus on getting your knee moving better.

We have provided a selection of exercises below that can help you through some of the early stages of your rehabilitation.

Is this all I can do? 

Unfortunately, whilst you are still only allowed to take a small amount of weight through your operated leg, you are limited to only a few exercises.

If you like swimming, you can go to the pool and walk in the water or do either front crawl or back crawl.

Download our blank gym programme here.

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