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Microfracture Surgery - 4-6 Months

The aim of this phase is to start to increase the challenge to your knee and begin to explore running.

So I can run now?

Yes, you can but only in straight lines. You will have to wait until six months after your operation before you can start to explore cutting/sharp turns and jumping.

Can I get back to my sport? 

If your sport requires you to twist, jump, cut or pivot then you must wait until you are at least six months after your operation.


OK, so what can I do until I get to six months?

Well, we’ve got a host of things that you can start to work on in terms of using your knee a bit more normally. Our video library below will give you some useful ideas.

Should I carry on with my strengthening work? 

You can’t go wrong with getting strong! If you really want to get the best out of your knee, you should consider continuing with your strengthening programme, but try and work in some of the more dynamic exercises in the videos below.

That sounds like quite a lot to do, I’m not sure I can do it all.

Well, don’t then! We (physio) understand that life exists outside of your exercises and that trying to fit them all in can often be challenging. Try to think about creating a programme where you can keep going with some of the strengthening (perhaps just the ones you like or the ones you feel work the best) and start with just a couple of the new more dynamic ones (see videos below), aiming to move through to the harder ones if/when you can.

Exercise tip

Make sure you sit on something strong and sturdy. It will be easier if you can swing your foot, meaning that sitting on a high chair or table is best. Keep your brace on.

Aim to complete this exercise little and often throughout the day. To help with this, try coordinating your exercises with meal times i.e. 3 meals per day = 3 opportunities to do your exercises.

Do not try to push the exercise too hard and although the exercise might seem easy, it is all your knee needs for now.

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