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2-6 Weeks

The aim of this phase is to start to move your arm by itself and begin to train your shoulder muscles.

Now that I’m past the first two weeks, what can I do differently?

The main thing you can now do is stop using the sling at night (if you feel ready to), but soon you will be able to start using the arm relatively normally.

When can I start doing these different things and what do you mean by relatively normally? 

When four weeks has passed since your operation, you can start to move the arm for itself. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to help the operated arm with the exercises like you did for the first four weeks.

We can also start to gently introduce some strengthening exercises.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do with my new shoulder?

  • Taking your arm up and out at the same time
  • Taking your hand behind your head
  • Taking your arm all the way behind you
  • Taking your hand behind your back 
  • Taking weight through your arm such as pushing yourself up in bed or out of a chair

What exercises can I do now?

Four weeks after your surgery, you can start to explore the exercises below.

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