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Building Your Team

What do you mean by ‘building your team’?

As the saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Taking on the challenge of managing your persistent pain can be quite a big one and therefore it is often very helpful to have other people around you to help when needed.

People like who?

Well, often it is useful to have people who are closet to you available to help, as they know you well and want the best for you. Your physiotherapist, GP, nurse practitioner etc. are also on your ‘team’ and will help you through your pain management journey.

Can’t I do this by myself?

Well, you most certainly can do this yourself, however most people find that the extra support, guidance and encouragement offered by other people can really pull them along when they are in need of it.

If you don’t have anyone to help, don’t worry, as you will still have healthcare professionals like your physio for support.

What would you expect my friends/family to do then?

They wouldn’t necessarily have to do anything in particular, but be available to help you if needed. As we’ve said before, understanding the issue is a big step towards dealing with it. Most of our friends and family members are unlikely to understand pain like you do now, especially if you’ve read our previous pain information pages. However, it is really helpful if everyone can be on the same page and working together. Some people find asking their family and friends to read some of the pain materials you have read helps them understand why things might be sore, and why you might have to do things ‘differently’ to try and help the issue.


Why is it important to have help?

As we’ve outlined before, managing persistent pain isn’t easy and you will likely have times where the going gets a bit tough and you might need some support. Sharing an issue, talking through things or even just someone else’s perspective on things can make the world of difference sometimes.

Things don’t often change quickly with persistent pain and feeling like you’re on a long journey by yourself can feel a bit demoralising for some people. Having people alongside you (if you can) can make that journey less daunting and may make the outcome more successful.


Will physio be there to support me?

We most certainly will. Your physiotherapist will be one of your team members and will help guide, support and motivate you towards making the changes that you need to start feeling ‘better’. Your physio will always be willing to offer help if you need it and you can always talk through issues in your appointments. However, it is worth knowing that there are 10,080 minutes in a week, so if you’re only able to see your physio for 30 minutes once a fortnight, there might be some value in making sure you’ve got other ways of getting support i.e. friends/family.

  • You can discuss your options or any thoughts, concerns or questions you have about pain and what the next step might be with your physiotherapist. Contact us on:
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OK, I’ve got my ‘team’ sorted for support when I need it - what next?

Great stuff. Although it isn’t in any particular order, you might want to explore our section on 'Goal Setting' next.

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