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After Your Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

This page is designed to give you the right information for after your rotator cuff repair surgery.
The information has been broken up into stages that match the stages of your recovery and rehabilitation. These pages have been written in line with the protocol used by the James Paget University Hospital. If you have had your surgery elsewhere, please refer to the information provided to you by your hospital.
Click on a stage to view the information and exercise ideas.

Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery Video


To help you understand more about the operation you are either about to undergo or have recently undergone, please play the video.

Please read before going any further
The following information and advice has been written in line with the James Paget University Hospital rotator cuff repair protocol.
If you have had your operation at another hospital or were given specific instructions on what you should/shouldn't do after your surgery that are different from what is written below, you should consult your surgeon or physiotherapist before undertaking any of the exercise/advice.

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