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After Your Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery: 2-6 Weeks

The aim of this phase is to start to introduce a little more movement to your shoulder. It is also the stage where you can start to explore some gentle resistance exercises.

OK, I’m past the first 2 weeks after my surgery, what can I do now? 

Well, firstly you will still need to be kind to yourself and your shoulder in terms of not trying to do too much too quickly.

You will still have to continue with the sling for another 4 weeks.

You will be now be able to explore some different exercises to help move your recovery forwards.

What other exercises can I do now?

If you feel the current exercises (from 0-2 weeks phase/your hospital booklet) are ok for you, then that is fine and you can continue with those.

If you feel that you are doing well and feel ready for a slightly different challenge, we have provided some other exercises at the bottom of the page.

Are these the only changes from the first (0-2 week) phase? 

For now, yes they are the only changes. You will find that once 6 weeks have passed since your operation, your rehabilitation and exercise options increase.

Exercise videos

Exercise tip: The movement exercises should be completed little and often throughout the day.

Make sure that you use your non-operated arm to help the operated one when completing the exercises. In other words, the operated arm should only be doing a little bit of the work.

Strengthening exercises: Try to hold each ‘push’ for approximately 15-30 seconds, repeating 2-3 times little and often throughout the day.

Download our blank gym programme here.

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